06/29/2020  | Gut Ising 24.06. - 28.06.2020

Photo: Elli and Zimes Square, Felix and Jabrun


Also this weekend our team was successful again and achieved a lot of placings.

Therefore it is a pity that there are no victory ceremonies at the moment.


In the class A* for young horses, Elli achieved 2nd and 3rd place with the mares Khaly-Barrage and

Zimes Square.

Felix won with our gelding Jabrun and secured 3rd place with Casco.


In the class A** for young horses Khaly-Barrage won, Jabrun took 2nd place and Casabella 3rd place.

Zimes Square and Casco shared 5th place.


Los Vochos finished 1st with a great score of 8,6 in the young horses class L.

Khaly-Barrage secured a 4th place and Laurien reached places 2 and 4, while Zimes Square took  4th place.

The mare Laurien won the jump-off.


Two 6th places were achieved by Elli with Laurien and Felix with Myway in the M* class for young horses.


We are glad about victories of Hermione and

Dollar’s Balou in the show jumping classes M*.

Furthermore Dollar's Balou and Dilka reached 3rd place each.

Hermione secured 4th, Maybe 7th and Quantico 8th place.


In the M** jumpings Elli Meyer achieved a 2nd place on Dakota and also a 2nd and a 3rd place on the stallion Petit Prince HD.

With the horse Franco she secured place 5.

Patrick Lam reached 7th place with Claron HD and Felix Müller 10th place with Quantico.


We are especially happy about Ellis’s 2nd place with SIEC Lautrec and her 3rd and 4th places with

Chicago HD in the S* jumping classes.

With the horse Prince of Persia, Felix secured places 10 and 14.

Patrick also reached 12th place with Claron HD.





06/22/2020  | Gut Ising 18.06. - 21.06.2020

Photo: Elli and Zimes Square, Felix and Jabrun


Our first home competition this year unfortunately took place without spectators.

Anyway Team Gugler was able to achieve a lot of wins and excellent placings on our horses of all ages and performance classes.


We are very proud and happy about the following great results:

In the classes A* and A** for young horses our mare Zimes Square was winning twice.

The mare Khaly-Barrage and the gelding Jabrun both achieved two 2nd places each.

Casabella reached places 2 and 5 and Casco achieved 5th place.


In the classes L for young horses, our horse Los Vochos was also winning twice, Casco was able to win once and Jabrun reached a great 2nd place.

Myway secured 3rd place and our mare Laurien achieved the places 4 and 5.


In the show jumping class M* Felix Müller won on Prince of Persia and Elli Meyer even won twice on Dollar's Balou.

Further the mare Dilka achieved the places 2 and 3 and the gelding Quantico secured 4th place.


We are very happy about victories of the horses Dakota, Prince of Persia, Franco and the 3rd and 4th  place of the stallion Petit Prince HD in the class M**.


The only 6-year-old horse Los Vochos finished 2nd place in the M* class for young horses and our mare Laurien achieved 6th place.


In the class S* Elli secured 2nd place on Chicago HD, 3rd place on SIEC Lautrec and 9th place on Dakota.

Patrick Lam finished place 8 on Claron CR and Felix achieved place 9 on Dilka.


We congratulate our riders on these great successes and are already looking forward to the second home competition this week.

06/12/2020  | #backtocompetition - Munich-Riem

It starts again!

After the forced break because of covid-19, the season 2020 is finally back.

Elli Meyer was with our trainee Felix on the show in Munich-Riem.


At the beginning she secured the first place with the gelding Dakota and the second place with the mare Hermione in a show jumping class M*

Felix was also placed with a great clear round on the gelding Quantico.


In the class M** Felix secured the 5th place on Chablise.


Finally Elli and Felix also did clear rounds and achieved placings in the show jumping class S* with the stallion Petit Prince HD and the gelding Chablise.


We are pleased with this great placings and wish a great show season 2020!