06/12/2017  | Schwanheim 10.06.-11.06.2017

Photo: Antonia and Daniel Kircher with Aleqs



Great success for our young talent Antonia Kircher.


In Bensheim-Schwanheim she won the 3rd qualification of the DHS-youth championship, she gained first place in the fault and style jumping class with her stallion Aleqs.


In another style jumping class over 1,15 m Antonia reached second place with Aleqs and 7th place with her mare Esmeralda.


The weekend before in Landenhausen Antonia won with Aleqs the second qualification of the DHS-youth Championship after jump-off.






06/12/2017  | Heidelberg-Ladenburg 08.06.-11.06.2017

Elli Meyer reached 5th place with Cassando and 8th place with Sheggy in a 1.40 m speed class.


Also with Cassando Elli was happy about an 8th place in the Grand Prix on Sunday.


A further great success Elli gained with the mare S.I.E.C Clavista: She won the class over 1.35 m and also over 1.40 m. In another 1.40 m class they reached 3rd place!



06/06/2017  | CSI4* Wiesbaden 02.06.-05.06.2017

Team Gugler had a great weekend at the CSI4* show in front of the palace in Wiesbaden.


On Friday Elli Meyer gained 3rd place with Bandolino in the six bar class.


With her gelding Lord Pizarro Elli was happy to achieve a victory and further great placements in the Youngster Tour.


With Cassando Elli could celebrate 5th place in the 1,40 m class.


On sunday they even reaches 3rd place over 1,40 m.


David and his gelding Crispo won the two-phase class over 1,50 m.

Elli achieved with Bandolino in a 1,50 m with joker 8th place.


Finally David reached a great 9th place with Cento du Rouet in the Grand Prix.


We are delighted about these great results !